Why do people have such conflicting info on Ich killed by heat only?

  • I see a ton of videos where people either have success on heat only methods or they say it’s not enough and will kill your fish from it faster. Why is there this huge gap of information and what is the true answer?

    I even see in Facebook groups that people go back and forth with using the heat only method or using medicines or other various options.

  • It really boils down to a lot of various publications (and studies) done that contradict each other, only show half of the test, or have very inconclusive results. Many who discredit heat say that it only kills it at a given stage, or increase its lifecycle so fast until it cannot reproduce (or be visible enough to the eye that it still is there).

    I’ve personally used the heat only method a good chunk of times, but that is with fish that can handle it (many cannot, therefore you must use medicine to treat) or they have tanks that cannot survive that heat (think planted tanks, for example where heat will kill the plants).

    Many people also simply just don’t know what source to trust, since even other professional websites with lots of data and details regarding various infections note that heat cannot cure it and must be mixed in with salt or additional medicine). That’s why we offer all methods here, with heat being a primary method to be recommended due to personal and other people noting that it works.

    Either way, use whatever method that you are most comfortable with whether that be heat only, medicine, heat with medicine, or any other variation.

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