How to recharge Purgien?

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    It’s actually pretty easy, here are some of the steps. The biggest thing is to make sure that you get the bleach out of the Purgien otherwise if you add it back it will kill all of your fish.

    1. Remove the bag full of Purgien from the filter (or it’s location)
    2. Measure out bleach and tap water into your tupperware in equal parts. This should be enough to fully soak it on both sides.
    3. Let this sit for 24 hours inside of the tupperware.
    4. Rinse the Purgien heavily in dechlorinated water.
    5. Soak the Purgien in water for about 12 hours.
    6. Rinse the Purigen again under dechlorinated water heavily until the smell of bleach is fully gone.