Jellyfish tanks on the rise?

  • I keep seeing ads on Facebook and other outlets about these new jellyfish tank kits, that include a circular tank (with filter and water pump to keep the movement going), a water treatment kit to turn regular water into saltwater, and I believe a cooler to keep the water the perfect temperature. Plus, after you set it up and send them a sample of the water - they ship you 2-5 jellyfish to put in the tank.

    Are these kits new in their idea, or just becoming more popular the to jellyfish being so unique and hard to keep in general?

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  • Yeah, there are real ones from companies that will sell you the tank and equipment, and even let you purchase the jellyfish from them as well (I have no idea how they do shipping to avoid them arriving dead on arrival). I don’t know which companies have bad or good reviews since the cheapest tanks are like $400-600, which prices them out for a majority of people.

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