Best fish to own for freshwater tanks?

  • When it comes to a freshwater tank, I would say start off small at first until you get the hang of maintaining a freshwater fish tank and gradually move up as and when you feel ready. What fish are you looking to keep in the freshwater tank? Goldfish are great for start out, but it really depends on if you are looking to go for Goldfish or something else.

  • I would not go for gold fish because they dirty the tank very soon and it is better to keep them in fish bowls. Betta fish especially a single male would be enough for a small tank. Once you get a hang of taking care of fish, you can go for other varieties.

  • I did have betta and guppies together but always betta goes to hunt my guppies. It seems that betta doesn't get along with other fishes.

    Not from my own experience but from the experience of friends that I know who own freshwater tanks, Betta fish can get on with other fishes just fine but it is always wise to ensure that the tank has a certain environment such as roughly 20 gallons of water and also live plants and plenty of ways that can be used for cover

    Betta fish can get overly territorial which can lead to issues unless you ensure the tank has the atmosphere as I mentioned above. Hope that helps.

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