Use of Amazon Frogbit

  • Frogbit is a highly forgiving, fast-growing plant and an excellent nitrate absorber, fish of all shapes and sizes can find shelter in their long roots, though some extra maintenance will be needed

  • Hey guys,

    I was reading Benji's post about Amazon Frogbit and I gotta say, I agree with him! Frogbit is such a cool plant to have in your aquarium. Not only does it absorb nitrates like a boss, but it also provides a sweet hiding spot for all your fishy friends.

    But let's talk about growth rate. Kuhlilove asked about it, and from my experience, frogbit grows like a weed! Seriously, you'll blink and suddenly there's more of it. And the best part is that it doesn't need a super fancy light setup to thrive. Just a basic LED kit is enough to keep this bad boy going strong.

    So if you're looking for a low-maintenance plant that also looks awesome, definitely consider getting some frogbit. Your fish will thank you for it!

    Peace out.

  • I had heard of Amazon Frogbit but it is not something I personally have had in my tank. I do know at least one friend of mine had this in their tank and they were always saying about how fast it grew but also at how great it was for reducing the amount of algae that would grow in the tank.

    One of the worst things to happen in a tank is algae growth and how fast it grows as well so something that can help that is always welcomed in a tank.

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