beach rocks to be tank safe

  • I’d wash them in white vinegar and soap, and let it sit in there for a few days completely submerged. Do not boil them since that can cause them to explode or crack.

    I personally wouldn’t use beach rocks since you have no idea of the stuff they have soaked in the super long term, or even what type of rock (and any chemicals/metals that it may be apart of).

  • Hey Asphyx1a! So, I saw that you're wondering if boiling beach rocks will make them safe for your new tank. Well, darrie53 made a good point about not boiling them because they could explode or crack. Yikes, that wouldn't be good for your tank! They also mentioned washing the rocks in vinegar and soap, which is a good way to get rid of any unwanted stuff. However, they also brought up a valid concern about not knowing what the rocks have soaked in over time and what chemicals or metals they might contain. That's definitely something to think about before adding them to your tank. Better to be safe than sorry, right? Maybe consider using rocks specifically meant for aquariums instead. Happy tank decorating, buddy!

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