Cycling and Algae

  • I have a 55-gallon tank that also has a decent-sized sump that is underneath it. I started with dry sand and dry rock, it has as been running for 1-2 months.

    The nitrogen cycle was nowhere near complete once I checked the parameters, so I made sure to raise my wet/dry filter because there wasn’t enough dry portion. I ran my cheap Amazon light (that gets the job done) only on blue LEDs all day, and is not going through a daylight cycle instead it’s just 24/7 blue lights for now. I bought beneficial bacteria and added them today that claims to be instantly fish ready, so I turned off my DIY skimmer.

    I also added Instant Ocean Coraline Algae benefiter instead of the Kent Marine brand I was using. I started seeing pink splotches on my silicone seams yesterday, and there is even more today. I hope this is Coraline Algae, is it? Also is my tank fish ready now?

  • Hey guys, have you read JustAFishServant's post about his cycling and algae problem? It's like a soap opera in fish tank world. So, he added some beneficial bacteria that claims to be fish ready and turned off his DIY skimmer, but he's not sure if his tank is ready for the fish yet. And now he's seeing pink splotches on the silicone seams and wondering if it's coraline algae. What do you think? Any advice for JustAFishServant? Let's help him out!

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