Managing multiple sump reactors into one

  • I have several questions below that I would love some answers to!

    1. Can I install the reactors in line? That will eliminate the need for multiple water pumps.
    2. If I install them in-line, in what order should I do so?
    3. Nitra-Guard and Phospha-Guard essentially require an airline to be injected into their reactor. There is quite a large flow of air involved, and I don't want air tumbling through the other subsequent reactors. Is this a legitimate concern?
    4. To increase the effectiveness of Nitra-Guard and Phospha-Guard. What kind of reactor is suitable, to inject not just air but also a small amount of vinegar via an automatic doser?

    I'm considering all pieces of advice and opinions. They will be much appreciated. Thank you!

  • Sure, you can install the reactors in line, it'll be like a science project. Start with a mechanical filter, then the Phospha-Guard, followed by the Nitra-Guard. This order will let the airline work without disruption. Now, as for injecting vinegar, you might want to look into a dosing pump fitted reactor, it'll be like your sump is having a salad dressing bath daily. Be careful not to turn it into a ceasar salad though. Just remember, balance is the key in the sump world!

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