Is there anyway to tell how old a fish its?

  • Something I have always wondered, with almost any other animal, there is a way to be able to tell what sex an animal is but with fish, this is something I have never known and I am not even sure if there is a way to be able to tell how old a fish is.

    Are you able to tell how old a fish is? How would you find out?

  • Asphyx1a: Actually, one common way to estimate the age of a fish is by examining their otoliths or "ear stones". Otoliths are hard, calcium carbonate structures located behind the brain of fish. They grow layers of bone as the fish ages, similar to tree rings. By counting these rings, scientists can estimate a fish's age. However, it's not a foolproof method and does require the fish to be deceased. Also, it's worth mentioning not all fish species' age can be determined this way. It's more complicated for fishes that don't have hard structures that grow with age, or for the ones living in constant environment where seasons don't affect their growth.

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