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    I have never even heard of these until you make this thread. They look pretty cool, although I'd be very curious on the amount of these that are kept in an aquarium setting due to their appearance, and probably medium/high level of purchasing and requirements. Totally remind me of axolotls though.

    Hi all,

    I’m new to the forum but not to aquariums, but have recently started keeping assassin snails after a massive infestation of pest snails. Unfortunately, my 3 assassins weren’t quick enough, so eventually I had to quarantine my assassins and use a treatment.

    My questions is, how long after the cycle can I reintroduce my assassins to my main tank? The treatment I used was a aquatic snail treatment.

    Does anyone do this?

    At the moment I use hikari sinking pellets, heron pellets and frozen shrimp/blood worm cubes. I do veggies, they're quite fussy and done peas but they refuse them now.

    I rotate the food to keep it interesting but thought live food might be a good way to stimulate.