HELP! Assassin snail reintroduction

  • Hi all,

    I’m new to the forum but not to aquariums, but have recently started keeping assassin snails after a massive infestation of pest snails. Unfortunately, my 3 assassins weren’t quick enough, so eventually I had to quarantine my assassins and use a treatment.

    My questions is, how long after the cycle can I reintroduce my assassins to my main tank? The treatment I used was a aquatic snail treatment.

    • Best Answer

    I would honestly probably do a full water change over the course of a week (so like 80% or so water changes for every day for a week) to make sure that medicine is out, while additionally using carbon or Purgien to soak any small amounts out too. I believe once you are done with this, I’d say it is 100% safe to add them back in.

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