Has anyone tried or even thought of buying these cubes?

  • I’m sure that you have seen the tons of videos shared online of this Carbon like cube, getting dropped into a tank and bubbling like crazy. Once it does that, then the tank appears magically crystal clear moments later in the next screenshot of the video. Have you guys tried this, and if so what are you thoughts?

    I’m not too sure on how carbon will be hugely beneficial, since it does pull things out of the water, but it’s just as those carbon bags but instead in a cube like form instead. It honestly seems like a money grab at first since the surface area of the carbon is what matters the most, and not so much on the size or the shape that it is in.

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  • I wouldn’t say that they are a scam specifically, but the surface area they claim would be the same if you crushed a way smaller size of that and then used it. The reason carbon is mostly always crushed is because surface area matters when it pulls chemicals into itself - so this is less effective based on the size and shape of being a cube.

    Carbon can make water clear, but there is more to water parameters than just clear water. The parameters could still be all out of wack but the water could be crystal clear, which I believe is a false sense of things when it comes to fish keeping in general (and why some people panic when they add driftwood and the water turns yellow which many thing is a critical problem other than the color itself).

  • I have a friend who bought one and it's trash. It does bubble like those videos but it is only because of the air trying to escape. Afterwards it doesn't bubble, and takes up a stupid amount of space like no way in hell can anyone hide that behind any decorations or anything

  • Aquariu.ms September 23, 2021 at 3:00 PM

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