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    Do you keep anything in your tank besides fish? For instance, do you have anything special in your tank like a Green Wolf Eel? What do you have in your tank that makes it stand out?

    How do you get rid of the white spots disease that your fish have? What things have you tried that have worked? What have you tried that didn't work? What treatment works best?

    What algae eater fish do you have in your tank? Which ones do you think is the best? Which ones do you try to avoid using? Why do you avoid those?

    What decorations do you have in your tank? Why do you have those specific decorations in your tank? What made you pick those? What do you like about them?

    The fish that you have in your did you go about choosing the fish in your tank? What fish did you end up choosing? Why did you choose those specific fish?

    How big of a tank should you start off with if it's your first time owning a fish tank? Should you start off small or is it okay to get a big tank? How many fish should you have?