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    Since everyone has their own personal opinion on how much substrate they like, if they want it level or at a grade around the tank, and other aspects. What is your preferred substrate depth and does it vary from substrate type (ex; gravel/sand/soil/etc.)?

    Where do you end up sourcing your aquascaping material from? Do you source it at your local stores, online, or even around your home in nature itself?

    This can range from wood, rocks, to other items that are aquarium safe to give it that biotop feel/look.

    From a friend who does this all of the time;


    Put polarized sunglasses on and look at a known peice of tempered glass compared to a known non-tempered peice of glass.

    I believe it looks similar to the reflective rainbow I see when I look at my trucks side glass which is tempered.I believe it looks similar to the reflective rainbow I see when I look at my trucks side glass which is tempered.

    Otherwise I’d highly recommend on calling the manufacturer and seeing what they say.

    I’ve seen a few do it, but I never had a tank that either was too experience for a stand - or was an odd shape and therefore a common stand isn’t really an option.

    For strength, I’m sure one could use some type of CAD program or even go to a lumbar yard and see what they would recommend for thickness of wood and what type of wood to use.

    Do you use a protein skimmer for your freshwater tanks, and if so, what made you set one up?

    I personally use one for my turtle tank, however I don’t use it in any of my other fish only tanks since I never really had a protein layer on the surface build up enough to warrant one.

    I believe that the fish major thing that wiped out one of my tanks when I was starting with either Ich or it possibly was something else in the form of a parasite.

    As far as cleaning, I used a ton of vinegar, magic erasers, and water to clean it fully out. Then I setup new filter media, and let the tank run through a cycle for a month and half.

    By then anything that was there is surely dead without any hosts available.

    It really depends on your lighting and the corals you have. A vast majority do fine without any extra feeding, although some do better when fed if they aren’t getting enough nutrients from the light or waste that is being created in your tank. Some even do good as they are normally indirectly fed by fish who swim between them and get trapped.

    As a basic answer, is it required? No - but feeding them CAN provide them with more nutrients which will allow for them to grow and be more vibrant under a light.

    I’m not too sure - possibly make this a goldfish tank or even try out something more unique/not commonly kept (African Dwarf Frogs or Red Claw Crabs). I’d love to try another Fire Belly Toads setup if I could get enough stuff for them and find a nice seller in my area.

    I’ve heard that it should start tomorrow, but nothing official yet. We’ll see though since everyone on Facebook loves to just point out random dates.

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    Looks like this is correct, the event is going on from now until January 30th!