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  • Hi everyone

    I think it's great that we regularly share current announcements here. In this way, we always stay up to date and can react quickly to new developments.

    However, I wonder: how can we ensure that all members of the forum are aware of the latest announcements? Do you have any suggestions?

    I look forward to your answers and ideas.


  • Hey cy.paul, I appreciate your worry regarding making sure members are always up to date on any news we have. I believe that the current setup (having the announcements at the top, in their own reply-only section) has the benefit to allow those who want to see and read it - to do so.

    I’ve personally seen other communities force you to mark that you have read an announcement or toggle a checkmark to verify that. I don’t believe we need that here, since any announcement wouldn’t be mission-critical like it would be with a service platform, for example.

    Likewise we are working on integrations with out social platform channels to make sure any announcements are automatically pushed to them, so that will help for those who follow us on social networks.

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