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    I am not someone who tends to keep saltwater fish but I do know people that do. Some of them do not mind breeding their fish and others don't tend to do that but it may happen and if it does they will deal with it.

    Do you or does someone you know breed saltwater fish? Is it something you would consider if you had the time and the money?

    As much as you may already have a certain food that you feed your saltwater fish that you are happy with and they seem to be happy with, there will more than likely be a kind of food that you refuse to give your saltwater fish and you will have a reason as to why you decide to avoid that food in particular.

    What food do you refuse to give your saltwater fish?

    When it comes to saltwater fish, there will be many of them that you will see that look the same but you will sometimes see some that are a little more unique. These will be fish you don't see often so you do get excited about seeing such a unique saltwater fish.

    What is the most unique saltwater fish you have seen?

    When it comes to looking for a tank for your fish, you can get numerous different sizes some of which may be perfect for someone but may not be for you if you are looking for something a little bigger either because you prefer to have a bigger tank or because of the amount of fish you wish to home in the tank.

    When it comes to buying a bigger tank, how big would you say is too big and what would you say the limit is?

    If you are someone that tends to keep fish and have been doing it for a while, you will have more than likely come across some diseases. Some of these can be treated and others, unfortunately, can't always be treated and it results in the loss of the fish.

    When it comes to freshwater fish, what is the worst disease you have known a freshwater fish to have?

    Something I have never intentionally done it breed freshwater fish. I know that there are some people who like to breed fish and it is something that they do regularly but I can imagine that would take a lot of time and you would need to know exactly what you were doing and how to treat the water and such ready for when the babies were born.

    Are you someone who likes to breed freshwater fish? Would you consider it if you don't already?

    Whilst many of us may have a certain type or certain types of food that they prefer to give their freshwater fish, there will also be a certain food that you refuse to feed your freshwater fish and you will also have your reasons for doing so.

    Is there any kind of food that you refuse to feed your freshwater fish? If so, what food is it and what is your reason for avoiding that as a food?

    There are so many different kinds of freshwater fish and you can often find that you may see the same ones a lot and unique ones are not seen that often but there is a chance that you will have seen a unique freshwater fish.

    What would you say is the most unique freshwater fish you have seen?

    Whenever I have either had freshwater fish or whenever I have seen them in say pet shops, I always tend to see the same ones and they all tend to be a colour you would expect them to be.

    I have never seen any fish that are unique in colour but I have heard of people who have seen freshwater fish of a unique colour.

    Have you ever seen a freshwater fish that has a unique colour? How would you describe the colour?

    I always remember when I had small tanks in the past for a small amount of fish, there were always options of colourful gravel, plain white gravel and also plain blue gravel as well. I can't remember there being any other colours but there may be in other places where you can buy gravel for a fish tank.

    When it comes to placing gravel in your tank, do you prefer colourful gravel or just one colour of gravel?

    Something I always remember when I was a kid was us having fish that would clean the glass of the tank we had. I can't for the life of me remember the name and I can't remember if there were more than just one type of fish that was used for this purpose.

    Do you know of any fish that clean the glass of the tank and are there any you would recommend?

    I have heard of some things that people give their fish to eat and some of them whilst a little different are not what I would call unusual if I am honest.

    When it comes to feeding your fish, what is the most unusual thing you have fed them? Is it something you feed them often?

    Something I learned recently is that silverfish which are often found within the home in damp areas can be used to feed to fish.

    I don't see these all the time in my house but from time to time I do see one and they are quite fast and also small and I have never thought to even catch one.

    Have you ever caught silverfish to feed to your fish?

    Something I don't believe has ever been an issue I have run into is fish not eating. Each time I have fed my fish when they have needed to be fed, they have always eaten it.

    This isn't always the case with everyone though and sometimes, you will go through a time when your fish will not eat for some reason.

    Have you ever had an issue with a fish or fishes not eating? What did you do?

    Saltwater tanks have always been the kind of tanks that I have always seen as being a little more difficult to take care of. Whereas most tanks such as freshwater tanks are a little easier to manage, saltwater tanks need a lot more maintenance and a lot more done to them to ensure that the tank is safe for the fish.

    If you were to recommend a tank to someone new looking to take care of fish, would you choose to suggest a saltwater tank or would that be a little too much for someone new?

    When it comes to buying and building up a new tank maybe for new fish that you wish to get or maybe you are upgrading the size of your tank most people will have a budget they like to stick to and they choose to not go over that budget and stick to it.

    When it comes to building up a new tank, what is your budget usually?

    Freshwater fish are something I am more keen on taking care of as I know more about them than say saltwater fish. I have only ever bought fish such as goldfish and minnows though and they are quite cheap when you buy them.

    When it comes to you buying freshwater fish, what has been the most expensive freshwater fish you have bought?

    For those of you who have bought saltwater fish to keep and take care of, you may have spent a lot of money not just on the set up but also on the fish themselves.

    As much as some fish are not that expensive, some fish can be a little on the dearer side.

    When you have purchased saltwater fish, what has been the most expensive fish you bought?

    When it comes to owning a tank that may need power for things such as lights or even maybe filters and pumps, losing power can often be a huge problem and something no one wants to have to go through.

    If you use electric on things in your tank, what do you do when you lose power? Do you have a backup just in case the power is out for a while?

    We will all come across a time when we will lose a fish, it's usually only one fish that we may find has passed in a tank but with the other fish also sharing the tank, it could be an issue for those fish as well depending on what the fish that has passed died from.

    When you lose a fish, do you tend to completely clean out the tank?