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    I know a few people who have fish and some of them have more than one tank for their fish. I have never asked them their reason for this but it has always got me curious as to why they would have more than one tank.

    Do you have more than one tank for your fish? Do you have a purpose for this or is it something that you do to separate the fish you have?

    I always remember, right from being a kid I would associate fish that were not moving but just still and floating in the water as being asleep even though their eyes are always open.

    Fish do not seem to have eye lids so that would make sense that their eyes would not be closed when they sleep.

    Is there any way to tell if a fish is sleeping?

    Something I have always wondered, with almost any other animal, there is a way to be able to tell what sex an animal is but with fish, this is something I have never known and I am not even sure if there is a way to be able to tell how old a fish is.

    Are you able to tell how old a fish is? How would you find out?

    When it comes to running a freshwater tank, there are some items we do not mind having in that tank that would not only help but would also make the tank look better and also make it a better living space for our fish.

    When you build up a tank, what item do you never put in your freshwater tank? What is your reason for not adding this item?

    Similar to my world's smallest saltwater fish, I thought it would be nice to have a thread for the world's smallest freshwater fish.

    I was always under the impression that minnows were the smallest freshwater fish but I found out, that may not be the case.

    From your experience with freshwater fish, what would you say is the smallest?

    I have always been curious as to what the smallest saltwater fish is. Most of the saltwater fish that I have seen have either been the average size or quite big but I can't say I have seen one that I would say is the world's smallest.

    Just because I haven't seen one, does not mean there is not one though.

    What would you say is the world's smallest saltwater fish? Is there even a world smallest?

    When it comes to owning a saltwater as much as you may want certain items within your tank such as for keeping the water filtered or even for decoration, there are always things that you may not want in your tank at all.

    When you build up a saltwater tank, what item do you never add to your tank? What is your reason for not wanting this item in your tank?

    As someone who knows people who are interested in and have taken care of saltwater fish, I know about many of them because of that but they are not something I have ever had myself to take care of.

    When it comes to saltwater fish, I would have to say that my favourite is the Angel fish.

    Which species of saltwater fish is your favourite?

    As someone who has had more interest and more experience with freshwater fish, I do have a few that I would say are my favourites and they are goldfish and minnows.

    I have in the past had many goldfish and also remember when I was a kid and we had a tank with fish, we had minnows as well.

    When it comes to freshwater fish, which is your favourite species?

    Something I have always wondered and I have never had it answered even though I have had fish myself and I have observed when I have fed them to see if I can find an answer to my question but I have not been able to.

    Do fish chew their food?

    Depending on the kind of fish you have will depend on the kind of food you give them and whilst it will more than likely go soft in the water, I do wonder if maybe they have a way to chew it if they need to.

    I am not someone that has ever had many saltwater fish as I have always been more of a freshwater fish person. I am curious though about saltwater fish and especially how long they tend to live.

    If you have ever had saltwater fish or if you have an interest in saltwater fish, how long would you say on average do saltwater fish live?

    I have known people who have owned and still own saltwater fish but I have no clue how long any saltwater fish they have had has latest and what their oldest saltwater fish was at one point.

    If you have owned saltwater fish, what was the oldest saltwater fish you had before it passed or even one that is still alive now?

    From experience, sometimes you can have a freshwater fish that lives for a while and then other times they can pass at a young age due to either issues with disease or even issues with the water.

    Out of all the freshwater fish you have owned in the past, what was the oldest freshwater fish you had?

    Again, similar to my common freshwater fish, this one is about the common saltwater fish. I thought it would be nice to find out what some of us class as the most common.

    When it comes to people owning and taking care of saltwater fish, what would you say is the most common saltwater fish that you always either have yourself in a tank or you see others have in their tank?

    This is somewhat similar to my largest freshwater fish but this one is for saltwater. I can't say I have owned many saltwater fish as I find freshwater fish to be better for me and ones that I feel I know more about.

    Saying that, I was wondering what the world largest saltwater fish is?

    As much as I have owned freshwater fish in the past, the only ones I have ever owned and taken care of have been smaller ones and it got me thinking, what is the largest freshwater fish?

    With so many different kinds of freshwater fish, sometimes it can be difficult to tell which one is the largest.

    Do you know what the largest freshwater fish is?

    So something I have often wondered about is what the largest freshwater fish is. I know we can get some big freshwater fish but I have only seen fish of a certain size when it comes to freshwater fish.

    Is there a fish that is the largest? What is the name of it?