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    Are live plants better for the aquarium than fake plants? I can't remember having live ones in our big tank but I was a kid so it didn't matter to me at the time anyway. I'm curious if it helps better with the filtration in the system and easing up on algae to have live plants?

    There is a tv show where fish tanks are designed especially for their clients and some of them are really cool looking but also extremely expensive. Would you ever consider paying to have a tank designed for your home or office? What would you want as part of your design?

    I think for my house I would want something really artistic looking and might even consider designing it myself. I would just need to figure out how to hide or camouflage the filter so it doesn't stand out in my design.

    What size tank do you recommend for beginners getting into salt water? I'm sure tank size also matters for the amount of fish and the size but are the smaller ones easier to manage or does it not matter?

    What is the best time of day to feed your fish? Do you wake them up when you get up or do you make them wait around a bit before you feed them? We used to have a 75 gallon freshwater tank and our job every morning was to count the fish and then feed them. We counted them because they some would jump out of the tank at night and the algae eaters would crawl around our dining room! Feeding was first thing in the morning and I can't remember if it was only once a day?

    Mudpuppies are also called waterdogs and are a type of salamander. Did you know that they can make a sound? That's kind of how they got their name because of the strange sound that they can make. They aren't very attractive looking unless you can catch one smiling. I'm not sure if I would want one as a pet, would you like one?

    Which type of freshwater fish should not be with any others in the tank...just their own kind? I have heard that angel fish shouldn't be put into some aquariums but we always had angel fish and not all of them were evil, only the larger ones got aggressive. Does tank size matter for this type of thing as well?