What is one fish that you wish you would have avoided from the start?

  • With all of the information online, maybe check and plan their tank stocking out before they get the fish at their local store. Although, that sometimes may not be the case when new fish are at the store, or there are bigger options than you thought. What doesn’t help, in a majority of cases, is when the information at the store doesn’t align with the true nature of the fish you are about to buy. What fish have you bought before, that you would recommend to avoid at all costs based on your experiences?

  • Algae eaters (those Chinese Algae Eaters). They love algae when young but turn into little devils when they grow up and mature sadly.

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    I think that they always get a bad reputation since they do eat algae when young, but if they don’t get enough protein then that is when they try to suck the slime coat off of others (same how Plecos will even do the same). I have them in a few community tanks, and as long as they get fed protein every other day they don’t attack other fish and still eat algae on the tank to this day.

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