Fish that eats wastes in Aquarium

  • I heard from some of my friends that there are some of the fish that can eat the waste at the bottom of the tank. And it seems like those fish are more or less cleaners in the tank. Which is a good thing. I am wondering though which type of the fish are good for the aquarium tank.

    What are your suggestions for such type of fish?

  • I don’t think that there are any animals that specifically eat the waste from another animal. Many think that snails or shrimp do, but what they really are doing is picking apart the waste for the uneaten parts of food to consume.

    Same can be said for catfish or algae eaters, as they are looking for the pieces of food that nah gather with waste but aren’t specifically waste.

  • I don’t think there is a fish that eats just waste. Snails and shrimp will shift through the waste to find the leftover food, but I don’t think a single thing eats just pure waste outside of bacteria.

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