Do you have a background on any of your aquariums?

  • Sometimes, you can't just leave an aquarium against a wall, window, or being able to show all of the equipment tubing, cords, etc. hanging from the back. Although some tanks do this, and use plants or other types of decorations to hide such elements, it isn't always easy for everyone to do that in a community tank. With the ever so growing trend of either using paint, plastic-dip, or even those plastic/vinyl aquarium wallpapers you apply to the background of your tank, do you have any of your aquariums with a background? If so, what type of background is it, and what is the design on it if there is one?

  • No, I kind of dislike the way that backgrounds add a fake appear or back to the tank. I almost just try to cover the background with rocks, driftwood, plants, or something else. In worst cases, I just spray paint the back of the tank’s glass black (on the outside of course).

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  • I have a black one that is double sided to be dark blue. I think it was only like $20 or so for a big sheet that I had to cut myself to make it fit the way I wanted it to be on my tank.

    No regrets since if I don’t like it one day I can just rip it off.

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