When making a marine purchase, do you make sure the supplier is using conservative methods?

  • With the ever growing list of supplies being exposed online (through social media, videos appearing on common websites, and more), do you ever think if the marine life you are purchasing were harvested through conservatively?

    If you don’t, what would make you want to lean towards making sure that the supplier is not just harvesting fish that they find in the open ocean vs. trying to study them or breed them in breeding tanks (if possible)?

    If you do, what methods do you check to make sure that the supplier(s) you use do use such methods? Have you ever found some that say that they are, but really aren’t after further research?

  • I don’t really think of that when purchasing them...but that is a good point. I guess for saltwater fish a lot of them are still taken from the wild vs. being bred in house.

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  • Living living on an island don't really think about how the fish are caught I know we have a couple that the kids have caught directly from the ocean but in order to buy salt water fish from a store or somewhere like that we have to drive for quite a while after leaving the island

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