only plants?

  • Yea love plants are a living thing, some you have to actually take care of and clean the take to keep them alive. I bet you could do a beautiful relaxing plant tank that’ll be pretty cool.

  • Yes, and they are pretty cool to also look at. You mostly would want to have some sort of macro and micro nutrient elements (such as having soil as the substrate, or by dosing with fertilizers).

    This is what a lot of people do when they make tanks that are sealed but allow for light to enter in.

  • Pretty sure this is actually common in office spaces that disallow pets, or even in areas that can’t really get access to food for fish or the required equipment. 100% is do-able and is actually just as fun as fish without any of the maintenance needed.

  • That is a really cool idea! I never thought of that before, but why not? Just like a regular garden/selection of houseplants, but in water.

  • Now that's a cool idea. I could place one in my office and it would require low maintenance and I need not worry about it when going out for holidays.

  • I'd be interested in a plant only tank. I've seen some pictures & there are people who make it into a work of art. For those who have one, do you randomly throw in plants or take your time? Similar to a floral arrangement.

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