Do you prefer the look of LPS (Large Calcareous/Polpy Corals) or SPS (Small Calcareous/Polpy Corals)?

  • Out of the two major different types of hard corals that are out there, which one do you prefer to mainly be housed in your reef tank and why?

    For those who may not know;

    LPS corals are essentially large calcareous corals that have large fleshy polyps that have a large hard base, compared to the SPS corals that have small polyps that are on an extremely hard skeleton like base. A big difference between the two is that SPS corals have flower like looking dots that may cover the coral completely.

    There are always HUGE differences when it comes to care (specifically with lighting and water current passing around them) and aggression (LPS corals will tend to attack those around them if they are in reach with a stinging like capability that they have).

  • I kinda of like the smaller ones since with a ton of them it can look more or less like a reef in itself vs. a few big ones that can just take over the tank as a whole.

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  • The LPS ones are a bit harder to deal with from a practical standpoint, but they are really interesting. In terms of appearance, I like both equally.

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