Algae Eaters?

  • What type of algae are you having issues with the most? Many algae eaters only eat a specific type of algae (or types) and not every kind, so narrowing it down can help us with some recommendations.

  • It would really help if you could tell us what kind of algae you are having an issue with. There are a lot of algae eaters for saltwater tanks but as said above, many only eat a certain kind of algae so just getting any may not help with your problem if they may not eat the algae, you have an issue with.

    Hermit crabs I know do eat all kinds of algae but that would depend on if you were able to have those in your tank.

  • Hey guys

    I have a question for all algae lovers here in the forum. Which algae eaters can you recommend? I have some problems with algae in my aquarium and would like to find a solution without having to resort to harsh chemicals.

    I've already looked around a bit and came across snails and shrimp that are supposed to help. Have you had any experience with such algae eaters? Which types have proven themselves and which ones can you recommend?

    I'm looking forward to your testimonials and tips!


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