Heads up, aquarium stores starting to refuse returns due to COVID-19

  • Just thought I’d let everyone know, to make sure what you buy you need. With COVID-19 getting the new mutation, it seems like stores are starting to refuse returns for the time being again until an unknown time (Petco has now, waiting for Petsmart too), and others outside of the US are refusing them as well sadly.

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  • Good call out, always check to make sure you have every part and that it’s not broken before you leave the store (obviously they won’t let you test a filter - but you get the idea).

  • Looks like Petco is back to doing this, not sure if other big chains are. I know most of the local shops in my area are still taking returns (that is - if it was in their policy to).

  • Any having issues trying to still return things back? I know when Petsmart swapped to allowing my receipts were expired and I didn’t care to have a gift card loading with cash - but they just have me cash instead ?‍♂️

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  • Thankfully I haven’t had to buy much equipment over the past couple of years, so I haven’t really run into this.

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