Glass or acrylic?

  • I’ve seen mostly 99.99% of saltwater tanks are always acrylic and not glass, like how it’s flipped with freshwater. Is there any specific reason for this? Is it due to size, or salt eating the silicone or something else?

  • I’d say acrylic for saltwater tanks since I’m not sure how well silicone will hold up over time, and glass also limits you to how big you can go with weight limits and glass thickness requirements.

  • I would get acrylic for a smaller tank but the harder it is to clean the more I lean towards glass, and some fish even tend to scratch it when they bump into it every once in awhile

  • I would say that the reason most people with saltwater fish tanks use acrylic tanks is because they are durable, lightweight and tough which is very much needed when it comes to a tank. Other reasons many people with a saltwater tank will use acrylic is because they are made from acrylic sheets which are pretty cheap and also due to the fact that they are nontoxic which makes them safe for the fish.

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