Where do you source your aquascape materials?

  • Where do you end up sourcing your aquascaping material from? Do you source it at your local stores, online, or even around your home in nature itself?

    This can range from wood, rocks, to other items that are aquarium safe to give it that biotop feel/look.

  • I have picked up some from my neighborhood since there are lots of drifting wood around here. Also, there some rocks that fits in perfectly as well. I do get a few stuff online as well and Amazon is my favorite place to order from.

  • Personally, I but most of my aquarium materials online because it's the only place that I can fully trust to get me something that wouldn't fail me.

  • I always personally preferred to get them online as I knew that getting them online would be reliable and also safe as well as me getting them from a reliable store online.

    I do know people that tend to get certain things from their local area but this is not something I have done.

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