How do you ship out fish to buyers elsewhere?

  • What methods do you use such as the type of bags, heating/cooling pads, and medicine to ensure that the fish get there all alive without any dead across the US (or even into other countries)?

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  • It depends on where it’s going. If I know it’s going somewhere cold, I’ll add heating pads - likewise if it’s going somewhere hot, I’ll add cooling pads to try to not overcook or overheat.

    As far as medicine, I avoid feeding 2 days before shipping (with next day shipping bring a requirement) in order for them to not poop and ammonia poison themselves from stress. I also add in some stress relief, with a tad of prime just in case levels get a little high.

    I’ve never personally shipped or received a fish from outside of my native country (US), so no clue how how to even manage that since many countries can take over 30 days with port inspections and delays.

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