News: Edition 6

  • We have a bunch of new items to go over that we have recently added, changed, or modified in their current state. We list below some of the high-level changes and are even going to show you some of the planned changes that we are currently either exploring as options, in the work of modifying/creating, or have on the to-do list once some other items get progressed more.

    Recent Changes

    • We have added a new lighter theme/style to our website! You can swap to this in your user account area.
    • Added new GDPR-compliant "Export Personal Data" so that you may see everything that we have stored regarding your account in our database(s).
    • Fixed some color issues with our current default theme.
    • Fixed some issues with the Points Of Interest Map as it wasn't displaying items correctly (including ones that had CLOSED).
    • Shifted around some items in the header navigation.
    • Fixed some issues when viewing on a mobile device and images not resizing correctly as expected.
    • We have updated and released our shortcode website ( that allows you to link to content on faster - check it out now!

    Upcoming Planned Changes

    • We are generating a new layout for the upcoming newsletter that members (and guests who don't want to become members) can sign up for. More information regarding this process will be released once it's available.
    • We are exploring the option to expand the Marketplace into a true marketplace area, with seller/buyer feedback, and possibly payment methods through directly (as a middleman if requested).
    • As always, adding new content to all of the categories to provide you with the best and most current information regarding algae, fish, diseases, and more!

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