What’s up with the false information spread on social media for cures that work or don’t?

  • I’m not sure if any of you guys are on any Facebook groups, but I’ve seen a TON of false information being spread when it comes to what cures work and don’t for specific diseases. For example I’m seeing a trend of people who are saying heat doesn’t kill ich no matter how hot, or that white cotton fungus isn’t treatable now. Any idea on why so many have committed to spreading false information recently?

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  • Sadly like a range of topics, many either just don’t know, or have received false information from others (even other websites or communities) and they think that it is correct.

    With Ich specifically I have seen this a ton of times where many state that heat doesn’t kill them no matter how hot (or the temperature it does will fry all of the fish), but this has been proven false in many studies and that heat alone (or with salt) can eradicate it completely.