Modern Tank Design Materials

  • Have you recently walked in a pet store, and noticed that a lot of the newer tanks (specifically below 30 gallons) tend to now use a mixture of plastic and glass, or glass and acrylic? I feel like when we get more unique designs using items such as black lit lighting, floor lighting, or various coated glass (such as darker glass) they tend to go without full glass all over.

  • I think it’s more about saving costs now than anything else. Especially when they save on paying for a panel or two of glass and can swap that out for plastic or acrylic on some tank kits.

    I’ve never seen any type of tanks that have tint on them or other designs. I think the most unique was PetSmart’s idea to take the back panel and make it plastic, to have that be where the lights are from in the tank. Sadly, it had a poor experience with leaks and the spread of LEDs and their brightness.

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  • Was going to bring this up, didn’t they learn trying to save money might not in the long run (like Tetra with their thin glass walls).

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