News: Edition 7

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    We have a bunch of new items to go over that we have recently added, changed, or modified in their current state. We list below some of the high-level changes and are even going to show you some of the planned changes that we are currently either exploring as options, in the work of modifying/creating or have on the to-do list once some other items get progressed more.

    Recent Changes

    • We have added a new Marketplace section, that supports multiple offers, items, and reviews! Check it out now, and list any of the items that you are looking for, offering for sale, or want to trade for!
    • We have rebranded Points of Interest to Stores since this will only show stores (physical or online), how many of our members have gone there, and reviews of the locations.
    • Updated our GDPR compliant "Export Personal Data" to support Stores, Marketplace, and the Shoutbox.
    • Fixed some color issues with our current default theme on the lighter color.
    • Shifted around some items in the header navigation to be more modern and easier to navigate.
    • Shifted around some items in the footer navigation.
    • Fixed some issues when viewing on a mobile device and images not resizing correctly as expected.
    • Added BBCode formatting to the Shoutbox to allow for additional personalization of messages.

    Upcoming Planned Changes

    • We are generating a new layout for the upcoming newsletter that members (and guests who don't want to become members) can sign up for. More information regarding this process will be released once it's available.
    • As always, adding in new content to all of the categories to provide you with the best and most current information regarding algae, fish, diseases, and more! We're currently going through our already created articles and adding in photos, and navigation items to clean up the format. We are also removing duplicated or slightly useless information to be more direct with knowledge.
  • Any idea on the fix for the “Like” on Tapatalk at all? Otherwise no complaints (minus the new marketplace not being supported through Tapatalk).

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

    The reaction system from Tapatalk is the core issue, we’ve let them know it’s a problem (along with a few others who have as well) and they have yet to patch it. I’d assume once we upgrade to the newer software version in the near future, they will release an update that will hopefully address this bug fix as well.

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