How many cherry shrimps should I get for my 50 gallon tank?

  • I've got 5 zebra danios, 4 guppies, 6 neon tetras, and 4 cory catfish and one pleco. I hear that shrimp can be food for guppies. I'm wondering how many I should start with do see how they'll fair?

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    I’d try a dozen or more honestly to get started. Then try to see how much food there is for them since they will be competing with the cory catfishes, and the pleco for the bottom ground of food. Otherwise you can easily add more than that if you notice that everyone is getting enough food without any issues.

  • I’d agree, try with many a dozen in order to not waste money in case they aren’t getting enough food, or the Pleco tried to make a quick snack dependent on its size and species.

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