What is the Proper Method to Introduce a New Purchase to an Existing Tank

  • While I have no experience in this field whatsoever, it does strike me that there likely should be rules for introducing new purchases into a tank, otherwise how do you check that the new arrival is compatible with the existing fish, or that they're going to get along with everyone. So what is the standard operating procedure when it comes to introducing a new fish to the ecology?

    • Best Answer

    We have a good guide on how to acclimate them into the new tank’s water here; Properly Acclimating Inhabitants

    As far as making sure they can get along compatibility wise, I would lean on good research. Otherwise you can always look for the first hour and make sure that the new fish isn’t getting nipped anywhere, and isn’t nipping anyone (the normally will get aggressive as time goes on since they have to understand the pecking order already in the tank).

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