Livebearers changing genders

  • I know that this may sound crazy, but I swear I’ve seen it happen where I know a given livebearer was a female (pregnant and had fry), but then randomly got a gonopodium and then suddenly was acting like a male (trying to bread with females).

    Is this something that happens a bunch? And how is this even able to happen?

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  • I know that there are a bunch of people who have seen this happen, specifically due to the fact that the gender of a livebearer is noted to be done by whichever organs are done first (I’m not sure if there is any actual studies done on this matter or not).

    In other cases, it could be seen where a female gives birth, and then gets fin nipped on their bottom fin to appear to look like a male’s fin/organ. Or their fin grows out longer similar to like a high-fin variety, which can give a false positive. Similar to how some high-fin makes look like females but to their fin being longer and flowing, like a female’s would be.

    I’m not sure if there is enough of an actual science study done to confirm this or not, however many other species (examples include clownfish) can swap genders if there aren’t enough of the current gender to support breeding in their current environment. Many believe that this trait is in other fish/aquatic species, with some being unconfirmed such as with livebearers.

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