How do you test the water current to make sure it’s good?

  • I feel like this is one of the more underrated questions and its answer can be hard, but how do you test the water current to make sure that it has proper flow in all areas (avoiding dead spots unless created underneath rocks) without creating areas that have way too much of a current?

    Is there any specific tests that can show if it’s strong, but not too strong for species who might wonder within or when they are sleeping? What’s the best location for corals based on water currents?

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  • I will normally take some flake food, or even better, sometime small like a leaf and see how it will move around. By dropping it at various levels in the water column and different areas in the tank, you can see where the water current is going and what it would be like for a fish. This also gives you a good idea of dead spots (areas where there is no current so debris and other things settle).

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