Petco 50% Off Sale (formerly Dollar Per Gallon Sale)

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    Due to the overwhelming nature of these 50% Off Sale (formerly known as the Dollar Per Gallon sale) events that Petco has been putting together, we have decided that it would be smart to condense all of the possible dates into one section for a future reference on when they may appear. Although many other retailers have adopted such a sale (they may call it something else), this is when nationwide almost all Petco stores (excluding Alaska and Hawaii) have this sale going on. Normally during the middle of this sale, they will have an aquatic event, where many of their fish, plant, and decorations will also go on a massive discount for days.


    Currently, the only tank sizes that are being sold during this event for the sales price include the 10 gallons, 20 gallons, 29 gallons, while the larger tanks ranging from 40 gallons breeder, 55 gallons, 75 gallons, and 90 gallons are 50% during the sale. Instead of all tanks costing $1/gal as they previously were during the old sale event name, it has been rebranded to be the "50% off sale" where all tanks are now 50% of their original price.

    In the past, these sales were supplied by Tetra, however, due to customer complaints, these sales moved over back to Aqueon (who was the original supplier when Petco had this sale event idea). These sales do not include any kits, and therefore the tanks that are the sales price will not include anything extra besides just the tank. Sadly due to location-wise, Hawaii and Alaska are excluded from these sales due to the shipping cost required to make it to these states.

    In more recent years it appears that other major retailers including Petsmart are also incorporating this sale event into their marketing for Aqueon, and sometimes their own branded tanks as well. This may or may not be due to the fact of many of these retailers have a price match guarantee, in which they will match the price of an item if it is the same brand and same size (and due to how popular Aqueon brand tanks are, they are forced to follow their policies). Check with your local retailer to see if they have such a guarantee since it is a great way to score one of these tanks if a Petco is not located near where you live.

    As of February 28, 2021, Petco has changed the marketing material to state that this is now a 50% sale vs. $1/gal for all of the Aqueon open-top tanks. They also have included more than just the standard Aqueon tanks, and now include some frameless, rimless, and edglit tanks.

    Event Dates

    To provide all of the dates (past, present, and future) we needed to have a way to distinguish them apart. Any rumored dates will be in italics, valid and verified sale dates will be in bold, and past dates will be included in the spoiler area below.

    Next Sale Dates


    Previous Sale Dates

    If you would like to be notified every time a new sale date is coming up, or new replies to this discussion, or more about these sales, make sure to "Follow" this topic on your forum account. You may also bookmark this page and check here frequently for any updated dates, as we will keep a visible marker when another team member has updated this topic with more information.

  • Looks like they changed things up on us, and the sale dates are regional based. I’ve updated the thread to show the two cycles since the second one ends the other starts.

  • I wonder if they will still do any Black Friday deals or if they are going to holdout since a ton of manufacturers closed down at the start of COVID and I’m sure their supplies chains are barely just getting back on track.

  • I wonder if they will go even further down in price for their Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals.

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    Doesn’t look like that they did, but still isn’t a bad deal overall.

    Plus it’s the things they did discount for Black Friday, it definitely made getting a tank stand-alone more sense.

  • I’ve heard that it should start tomorrow, but nothing official yet. We’ll see though since everyone on Facebook loves to just point out random dates.

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  • I’ve heard that it should start tomorrow, but nothing official yet. We’ll see though since everyone on Facebook loves to just point out random dates.

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    Looks like this is correct, the event is going on from now until January 30th!

  • Looks like they just changed the ads and wording to be the “50% off sale” - not sure if we will see this progress after this sale date or not, but something to be aware of in case you walk in and don’t see the normal signage for the $1/gal sale.

    Have to love marketing changing things around.

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  • Yeah I noticed this as well, and dependent on if it stays this way in the future I will change some of the wording in here as they updated it. It does however stays roughly the same price for 29 gallons and below (maybe a few cents in difference).


    100% agree, it seems that they are moving away from a nation wide event and are shifting to regional events (probably due to supply constraints or a specific regional warehouse being too loaded with tanks).

    We’ll see try to track them under the national level, but let us know if you see any in region specific areas so we can mark them as well - thank you!

  • It’s back on! But I agree now with this being changed forever, might want to rename this thread possibly since people are going to get super confused. Plus @Petco already has noted this will be the case moving forward;

    “Thanks for your question! We have replaced our $1 per gallon sale with a 50% off Aqueon Open-Glass Tank Sale, so that we can include more tank options (yay!) We do not have any information on the next sale at this time, but please stay tuned! 🐡 🐠 🐟”

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