Are you going to pick up any aquarium Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals?

  • With a bunch of the shopping still being done online, minus the handful of stores or pieces of equipment that are just too big to handle online (ex; Petsmart’s deal on their aquarium tank and stand combo), what are you looking to try to grab this season?

  • Might grab another tank or those canister filters they always have 50%. I’ll be curious though on how many my local store has since I know plenty of people who buy >1-2 and then try to resell them later online for close to their retail price.

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  • Probably! Not really planning on anything specific, I just know myself well enough to know I"ll probably grab something.

  • I was able to pick up GSD Wreck Car Fish Tank Decor from Amazon the last time they had Black Friday deals. It looks so good in my tank and my little babies are enjoying the new scene.

  • I have been trying so hard for a while now to take advantage of Black Friday deals but I haven't been fortunate enough to get one item. I will keep trying till I get one for my tank.

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