How do you clean your aquarium after dealing with a disease?

  • How do you properly clean an aquarium after dealing with any type of disease? Do you let the treatment do it’s work and then do big water changes, or do you hand clean items like the heater, filter housing (not media), and substrate?

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  • I completely clean it out. Remove all the water and I throw the substrate out and get new substrate. If the plants can be cleaned, I will clean them otherwise I will just get new ones. I make everything sit out to dry or sit in another tank of water (in the case of live plants) for a minimum of 5 days.

  • I prepare a cleaning solution of my own which contains 10 parts of water and one part of bleach and clean the interior as well as the exterior of my tank using a scrubbing pad.

  • Clean the old water and fill new water and scrub the tank. Again flush out the water. Fill clean water add vinegar and sodium bi carbonate, let it rest of 6 to 8 hours, drain the tank again. Let it dry and add clean water and introduce your healthy fishes into the tank again. Keep infected and dull fishes in separate tank and observe them. After they get better introduce them to you tank and observe them.

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