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    Just wanted to update this since I was there a few days ago, and they have a ton of different shrimp species and colorations that are priced pretty good for their market rate.

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    That is good! Our local Walmart has stock as well. They have a tank filled with all sorts of colorations. They are selling them for $5 a pop though and you can actually buy them cheaper on eBay. You can get 10 of them for $30 with free shipping.

    I have had fish that have become a completely different color as they have gotten older. Some species do this by default while others will change their color due to stress, diet changes, or changes in the water. If the fish is not stressed, you haven't changed it's diet, and the water is balanced - it is likely down to genetics.

    The light itself is a small plastic strip that snaps onto the underside of the lid.

    I had originally used part of a bandaid which worked for a while but the moisture made it become loose. Do they sell film that will stick better to something like this?

    They disconintued the sale of ALL fish in the stores in 2019. Part of this was tied to the outrage of customers pouring nail polish into the beta cup containers. It went viral and they have faced several fines and fees for animal abuse that was brushed under the rug.

    Newts are rough to have tank mates since they are either slow or tend to be super sensitive to other species around them. I’d honestly just have them as a species-only tank since they are unique enough to keep without other dither fish to keep them moving around to view.

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    That seems to be what most people recommend. I know some do keep them with fish but they seem to do best on their own. I wish I had known this prior to doing that. I still have not been able to find one.

    From my understanding, you will want to add in 1.5 mL for every 50 US gallons of aquarium water in the tank and do this daily while checking the water to ensure the levels stay balanced.

    I’d say it's possible as it's exposed to water and light randomly throughout the day. To remove it in a drain, I'd just use bleach and a sponge (or even pure vinegar or something) and it should remove pretty easily.

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    I have tried a few different things. It isn't actually in the drain but in the sink itself. I have done peroxide, baking soda, mold spray (I thought it may have been mold), and a few others with no success. I don't like using bleach as I have cats in my house and don't want to expose them to a harsh chemical like that.

    How do I use vinegar to treat it?

    I really don't know the different types outside of the ones I have had to get rid of.

    I know I do get that bright green algae in the tank and for the most part, I don't do anything about it. I let it grow for a bit on the glass and then scrub it off. It never gets out of control. I am not sure what kind this is but the shrimp and fish both enjoy eating it.

    I am not sure if this is down to me or where I am getting them from but I have tried keeping two of these plants now and within just 4 or 5 months, they end up dying.

    My water seems to be just fine as I have tested it and I have LED lighting. It just seems strange. The first one I got online and the second one was at the pet store.

    The most appealing part for me is that I don't have to clean them. LOL

    I used to only use fake plants but they would end up so gross and dirty, stained and just looking awful. No matter how many times I cleaned them, they would end up with stains. I started keeping live plants a few years ago and have not looked back!

    This is something I have never experienced myself but a friend of mine is almost certain a few of his fish have this issue. I have never even heard of it before.

    Can someone explain what this is, what causes it, and if there is a way to correct it?

    Having had ich in a tank before, it is pretty obvious to stop. It can quickly wipe out a tank full of fish so you want to get on treatment as soon as you see the spots.

    This is something I have been told before. Just have a tank set up separate from the main one so keep fish separated before putting them in. I am considering using my current 5 gal tank to do this when I get a bigger one set up again.