Rock Color

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  • It’s very similar to live plants in freshwater that have an adjustment period, where they may look duller than normal for a few days to week and then they should brighten up. I would only be concerned if they start to loose all coloration (ex; turn grey/white) and don’t open up or accept any food when our near them when the lights are on.

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    When you bought it, did you look under it without the commonly found blue lights to enhance their color? I’ve bought a few and everytime they have those blue lights it can make it appear wildly different if you don’t have the same light spectrum they are shown under.

  • I just purchased it from the store under their lighting. Let me see if it makes a difference since I’m not sure what lighting they are using.

    Coolio I’ll give it some time before worrying more, so far it’s getting some color back and so that’s a plus! 💯

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