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  • Good question, and the answer to that is a YES! We're currently just focusing on getting more content created, along with the future state plan (ex; mapping existing content to new content layouts, setting up guidelines and layout rules for future content, etc.). Along that we are also still improving the server and experience behind the scenes since we had to switch hosting providers, due to lack of reliable response/load times.

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  • It will be a bunch of different variations, ex; some that are light colored, some more dark colored - however the layout of the current design and content will stay the same (ex; there wouldn't be a design difference, just a color difference). Hopefully that answers your question!

  • To keep an update, the new themes have been set. We’re just going through them now to match the footer and header items from our current default theme, to those as well.

    I’ll post an update once they have been all released for everyone to pick their own in their user profile.

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    We have released a few different styles of dark themes, all with their name containing the color that it will focus on (ex; “Dark Green” means the style will be dark and focus on the color Green).

    You can toggle under “Control Panel > General” and changing the “Style” option from Default to one that you want. Let us know how you like them, and we’ll try to add in more over time. Thanks!

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