getting started into brackish setups

  • It seems that there are guides for getting started with saltwater and freshwater, but nothing for brackish. Is it just that much more difficult or is it because it’s a repeat of saltwater with just less salt..?

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  • I’m not sure if they have an article in the works (since I know that they noted saltwater and freshwater would be completed before brackish), but might make sense to pull one together since it should be a mixture of both already there.

    Maybe Avery could answer better on that.

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    Good point, I’ll get started on writing up an article on this as like you said the setup is a mixture between the two. From there once I’m done writing more of the basic information content for freshwater and saltwater, I can write up brackish (this will for now appear under saltwater since it’s in that realm). Dependent on how popular it is, we may break it out into its own sections.

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