Have you used freshwater lights in a saltwater tank

  • Have you used freshwater lights in a saltwater tank? 2

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    Have you ever used freshwater lights in a saltwater tank, and if so, how did it end up? Was the saltwater tank just a fish only setup, or did it have more like corals? How did you supplement the light needs for corals or live rock?

  • I haven't personally, but I have seen on bigger tanks where people have added LEDs in the tank's rim to add that extra light to view (but not to provide excess light for corals, etc.). I'm sure that you could even find one that could help grow some types of algae in a refugium compared to using saltwater lights which are mostly for corals, but in a display tank I think it's primarily used in large tank setups (someone please correct me if I'm wrong, I'd love to see smaller setups without corals using freshwater lights!).

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