How often do you clean your tank(s)?

  • How often do you clean your tanks, and what do you use to clean them?

    For my planted tank, I honestly never really clean it minus the ugly hard water mark (which I use vinegar to clean) about every 2-4 weeks.

    For my turtle tank, I clean the excess poop and food I find every 4-5 days, and then in that process probably drain about a 3-4 gallons or water and replace it. I figure that the little ecosystem in there should take care of everything else on it’s own.

  • When I had my fish tank I would always do small water cleaning weekly without fail, I had myself in a routine where I would do it at the same day every week so that I knew it would be clean and I would not have any issues. Major cleaning such as completely changing all the water out and cleaning everything within it I would do once a month. I found that this would help keep my tank clean and free from any issues that would arise if I was to leave it any longer.

  • Initially I was cleaning only once a month but over time I have to clean it more often as the number of fishes have increased and probably my tank also looks old. It gets stained soon and my frequent scrubbing has increased the rate at which my tank gets stained.

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