What are some of the materials that you have used in a aquascape?

  • When you have done any type of creating an aquascape using live plants inside of an aquarium, what materials did you use and how did they pan out in terms of reliability and visually once underwater and over time being underwater?

    I've personally used the common egg crates for ceiling tiles/lights, aquatic safe foam (that expands over time when first sprayed out), some aquatic safe paint, and then using items like river rocks/substrate to create a mountain/rockwall appearance. In terms of its ease to use, all was easy, although the lifespan was honestly really determined by if I added enough coats of paint and silicone to the whole thing since when the fish would peck at it randomly if it was too thin, they could actually create small holes in the foam.

  • I’ve used foam (like foam from an arts and crafts store), glue, silicones, egg crate, even sometimes metal mesh that was coated in cement that then was coated in silicone heavily,

    I think as long as you know what you want inside of the tank, and know their habits (etc. will they try to dig into my aquascape, or pull at it, or run into it) you can build something that can stand up to their requirements and more.

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  • Decorative sand zones are very popular in aquascaping. An open sand area makes the whole aquarium look much brighter. Plants are very useful as fillers as well, especially the various mosses. It acts as a buffer to prevent direct contact of stones and glass.

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