What substrate do you for most of your tanks?

  • Out of all of the different types of substrate (and the one without any substrate), what do you prefer for your tanks and why?

    I mostly use sand since I haven’t found an issue with any species using sand - compared to gravel where there can be some issues for cichlids other those who like to dig in sound like eels/loaches.

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  • I also highly prefer the look to sand. Getting sand (either pool filter sand, black diamond sand, or a various mix of colored sand) always makes other things pop without having to worry about the fish poop or uneaten food getting stuck between the gravel pieces.

    Plus using snails, they can effectively turn the sand over to prevent gas bubbles while also eating everything else. The only downside is that if you have a look of fish who poop a ton, then it’s noticeable - but just lets you know faster and easier when it’s time to clean the substrate up and do a water change.

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