DIY hood

  • Has anyone made or have steps on how to build a nice hood for any generic sized aquarium? The trouble I’m having is that people are either buying these plastic ones (or using glass lids), or they sell wood(particleboard?) hoods but you have to buy the stand combo and they are completely overpriced.

    Trying to aim for a nice look without breaking the bank, while also being able to hide all of the annoying cords and lights at the top that are basically needed.

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  • I'd be concerned about making my own hood because of the materials that are used could not hold up over time. Then you'd have to buy a new hood anyway or make another and it's not as cost effective.

    There are some videos on YouTube for making your own hoods and wow, those don't look cheap to me with the cost of the supplies.

    I like this Wood Canopy for Tanks Video. It looks classy compared to some of the others!

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