Is Coral good for certain fish?

  • I have seen that a lot of fishes mostly make use of the coral to hide out. And I wonder if this is kind of safe for certain fish as they tend to get cornered and may get killed in some cases. Like if you have big fishes who can corner them and crush them under. But it can also help them hide too so i always wonder if corals are safe for all types of fish.

    What do you think?

  • I do believe that using actual reef corals are highly beneficial compared to using none, or using ones that aren't alive. The way that the fish interact with them to either hide within, get cleaned, or use as their home, is one of the biggest benefits. Additionally, it also makes the fish feel more secure and therefore they will interact with their environment with less stress, and therefore act more natural as they would within the ocean.

    As far as being too big or possibly crushing them, this is where when you place them inside of your tank that you make sure that they are secured in one way or another (just as you would with rocks to make sure that a fish couldn't ever move the substrate and might cause for them to shift and fall).

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